Frame USA - Imaging Copyright Information

By submitting these images to Frame USA, Inc. for processing, printing, or other digital manipulation services, I acknowledge that I have read this Copyright Policy in its entirety and the terms and conditions posted herein and agree to be bound by them as conditions to the provision by Frame USA of the services requested.


Frame USA, Inc. respects the intellectual property of artists, photographers and creators of images. We ask our customers to do the same.

A copyright exists in nearly all images and artwork, even ordinary family photos. In general, the copyright is owned by the person who took the photograph or created the artwork. Separate copyrights may reside in the photograph and its subject, if it is itself a work of art. A copyright in an image is created. A copyright in an image need not be registered- it exists as an ownership right when the image is created. Copyright vests in its owner the exclusive right to make copies, publicly distribute copies, publicly display the work, and prepare other works based on the original. It is generally illegal to copy, print or digitally reproduce photographs taken by others without their permission. The life of a copyright extends decades beyond the life of the author and often resides in his or her estate, successors, or assigns. Federal law provides both civil and criminal penalties for violation of a copyright. Frame USA and its customers are each subject to these copyright laws.

Images downloaded from the internet or scanned or copied from print publications should be presumed to be protected by copyright. While images downloaded from the internet are rarely free of speculation even as to their original source (the creator or copyright holder is often not the web site hosting the image), permission from the copyright holder may resolve a potential copyright problem.

Whatever incentive you feel a copyright holder may have for protecting his or her rights, you must appreciate that the copyright is protected by law. If you have any doubts, please secure the necessary rights or postpone your submission of the image to us for processing by saving your order. If you have any questions as to what is legal that Frame USA cannot resolve, you should consult a lawyer who specializes in copyrights.


I (the customer) represent that I have read the Copyright Notice to Customers that appears on the Frame USA web site ( ) and am familiar with the copyright laws governing reproduction of copyrighted materials. I represent that the content of any images that I submit to you (Frame USA, Inc.) for processing, printing or other digital image services was originally created by me and that I am the sole owner of the copyright therein, and I authorize you to perform the services requested, including the alteration, making of copies or the preparation and publication of derivative works based on the image, or, if I am not the copyright owner, that I have reviewed the prior written authorization of the copyright owner to submit the works to you and for you to perform the services I have requested, including the preparation and publication of derivative works, and that I must provide such written authorization to you upon request.

I agree to defend and indemnify you, including your officers, directors, employees, affiliates, licensors, web host, information providers, and agents, and hold them harmless from any and all liability, expenses, damages and costs, including you reasonable attorney fees and the costs of complying with any injunction or order, arising of the agreement, including violation of statue, negligence, breach of contract, common law tort, or otherwise, without limitation.

By submitting images into out Build a Frame app, you are agreeing to uphold the expectations set within our Copyright Information and Terms and Conditions.