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Wholesale Picture Frame Customers

Wholesale business has been a part of our company for years, and we love being America's first stop for wholesale picture framing. Below you will find all necessary information regarding wholesale orders. If you have any questions regarding the cost of shipping please contact our customer service department at 1-800-577-5920

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Where to Find Wholesale Framing

Things you need to know about wholesale orders:

Wholesale Order Minimum:
In order to purchase products using our low wholesale prices, you must purchase at least a $100 worth of products at the wholesale price. If you are planning on making an order less than $100 please place it here: Due to the reduction in price for our picture frames you will pay be charged shipping at checkout. Please see below to see information about cost of shipping.

Shipping Cost:
All shipping is based on the box weight, dimensions, and distance. When placing an order on the website or over the phone, your shipping cost will be given to you before you are charged for your order.

Oversize Shipping Surcharge:
Below is a breakdown of our surcharge versus our competitors (without naming names, of course! compare to other picture frame websites and you'll notice the trend...our prices are the best around!) For information about why this is applied please visit our Shipping Information Page.

United Inch (UI) Frame USA Competitor 1  Competitor 2
<50 UI  No Surcharge ## ##
50-59.99 UI $2.00 $15.00 $14.50
60-69.99 UI $4.00 $25.00 $29.50
Please note: United Inches are calculated by adding the frame length plus the frame width. 
For example, a frame that is 8"x10" would be 18 united inches.

Additional Truck Shipping Charges:
All orders over $500 or over 100 lbs will be shipped by Truck. The following is the charge for the additional services that may be added. For more information about what each service entails please visit our Shipping Information Page.

Service Additional Charge
Call Ahead Service $20.00
Lift Gate Service $40.00
Inside Delivery Service $69.00

Rush Fee:
Rush orders are a 20% fee or a $25 charge, whichever is greater. For more information about Rush orders please visit our Shipping Information Page.

In special circumstances when returns are accepted, shipping will not be refunded. For more information about returns please read our Terms and Policies